The Land, by Mildred Taylor, is a book about a boy named Paul-Edward Logan who vows to own land every bit as good as his father's. His father is a Caucasian plantation owner who has five offspring, three with his first wife, who was Caucasian, and two more with an African-American woman. Paul's mother is the African-American. Thanks to his father's genes, he has the appearance of a white man but is really considered to be black. This leads to him not being accepted by either white folk or colored folk, and he makes few friends in his travels. He runs away at an early age by jumping on a train, and stumbles upon a piece of land of breathtaking beauty that immediately seems to draw him. He works long and hard to try to obtain that land, and has to face many problems, such as unfair businessman and a cowardly drunk with a shotgun (not a good combo). Driven by his love for family and friends, he makes one final effort to finally own this piece of land. But will he fall short? This book was a very good book and much better than I thought it would be. I couldn't stop reading until I had finally finished it.