Out of the Dust, by Karen Hesse, is about a girl named Billie Jo living during the Dust Bowl in the 1930's. In the Dust Bowl, life is anything but easy. Billie's father is having a hard time growing wheat, due to the unfavorable climate and the fact that he didn't believe that you need to rotate what crops you grow in a certain area. Billie's mom doesn't like living in the dust and longs for rain, and later on in the book suffers a terrible accident. Billie Jo herself wants to get out of the dust any way she can. She even attempts to run away. If you want to know more, then read this book and find out.

ZG: Connor gave it in a nutshell. The terrible accident that Billie Jo's mom has kills her so in a way she does escape.

SM: Yup Billie Jo get terible burns on her hands and she cant get rid of them and it hurts her to play the piano.