JD: In which book did an under aged student decided to drive the school bus?

SP: Is it Schooled?

JD: In which book did the main character teach student how to tye dye t shirts?
ZG: Schooled

In which book did a boy try to kill a bear?

In which book did a boy carve a totem pole?

In which book did boy call a towel an at'oow?

In which book did a boy smash a classmates head in a sidewalk?

In which book did a child serve a year banishment?

In which book did a boy taste sticky malassis?

In which book does a boy get sent to a remote alaskan island?

In which book does a boy get beat up by a classmate because he snitched on him.

In which book does a boy rob a hardware store?

In which book does a boy get monitered from a parole officer?

In which book does a boy bathe in a pool of frezing water?

In which book does a boy get placed in jail for vicious assult on a classmate?

In which book is a boy named Bilbo?a

In which book is a boy shot down in a foreign country?

In which book is a boys name capricorn?

In which book does a boy get picked class president?

In which book does a boy get called 'monsuir'

In which book does a boy get enlisted in the air force during world war 2?

In which book does a boy get beat up by socs?

In which book does a boy hit a baseball?

In which book is there a city in the middle of the ground?

In which book does a boy race a cart all the way through brooklyn?

In which book does a boy get refuge by his older brother?

ZG:In which book.....

did a brother and sister call their dad by his first name?

is a man accused of rape?

is a man never seen but talked about constantly?

do a boy and girl get engaged in second grade?

does their father lose a court case unfairly?

does their dad get called a "nigger" lover?

does the brother and sister's aunt move in with them and take over their life?

In which book....

does the main character live in the lap of luxury until they begin working for the Empress?

does a boy named Misha want to revolt against the Tsar?

does a rabbit get hung because the main character doesn't agree with mistreating the servants?

is the main character almost afraid of a friend after he has been in military academy for a while?

MP-In which book does a boy move to a home school with another family?
Surviving the Applewhites ZG

MP-In which book is a boys parents in jail for making marijuana in their basement?

In which book... SCHOOLED ZG
does a character memorize over 1100 names?
is there a memorial service for someone that is actually still alive?
does a character have hair that goes down to the middle of his back?
does a character say that locking possessions away is like imprisoning yourself?
does a person buy a necklace for a character and pretend the necklace is from her dad?
does a character spend all of the school's activity funds, largely on charity donations?
does a bus driver suddenly become unconscious?
does a boy get arrested 3 times for driving without a license?
is the protagonist called "freakazoid?"
In which book... Out of the Dust ZG
does a character and her mother play piano?
does a character set plates and glasses upside down?
does a character dig a pond by his/her self?
is a character nicknamed Mad Dog?
is a pail of kerosene placed beside the stove?
did an owner of a store accidentally cheat himself out of a couple of cents, which the protagonist returned?
does the protagonist score the highest out of her eighth grade class, which scored the highest in the state?
In which book...THE LAND (to all of them) ZG
does a character look white on the outside but is considered black?
does a drunken coward shoot the protagonist's best friend and horse with a shotgun?
does a boy's mother tell him he has to have something of his own?
does a boy convince a man to let him race his horse for four time stable boy's pay?
does a boy ride on a horse named Ghost Wind?
does a boy win a wager and get to keep an Appaloosa?
does a boy win a horse race on a horse named Ole Grey?
In which book... Here Lies the Librarian ZG
is a character nicknamed Peewee?
is a car called Peewee?
does a 14-year-old girl win a ten-mile race in 1914?
are four sorority sisters chosen as librarians?
does a girl pretend to be a boy at a car repair shop?
does a car repair company place hoblobbies, small ruts filled with water, in the road?
is cane sugar used to sabotage a car?
is a girl called "candy-box pretty?"
is a cat called a "first-rate mouser?"
does an ex-soldier, who was once a sergeant, believe he's still in a war that took place around 50 years ago?
is a car that is built with "a bucket of bolts and a dream" stolen before a big race?
does an underaged girl drive a car called a Bearcat?
does the protagonist want to get arrested in order to not participate in the middle school graduation ceremony?
In which book...THe Outsiders
does the protagonist's brother have the nickname of "Pepsi-Cola?"
does someone try to cut the protagonist's hair with a switchblade?
is a character described as "a puppy dog that has been kicked too much?"
do the protagonist and his buddy run into a burning church to save some little kids?
does a character quote a poem about nature and the color gold?
is a character's prized possession a ten inch switchblade with a black hilt?
does a character stop eating because all food tastes like bologna?
does a protagonist's brother say he will be set if somebody invents a chocolate cigarette?
are hoods called "greasers" and Socialists called "Socs?"
does a character kill someone who is trying to drown the protagonist in a fountain?
does a character give the protagonist and his buddy $50 and a gun, with instructions to hide in an abandoned church?
does a character write a note to the protagonist and slip it into Gone With The Wind before he dies?
In which book...The Weirdo
does a nine-year-old girl find a corpse in swamp?
is a bear named "Henry?"
is a boy scarred for life, physically and mentally, after a plane crash that killed his parents?
does the protagonist work at Dairy Queen part-time at 16 years old?
is hunting in the Powhatan swamp banned for five years, after which there is heated arguments about whether or not to lift the ban?
does someone from Ohio State University count the bear population in the Powhatan Swamp?
does the protagonist's father use a steel trap to trap a bear named Henry?
does a dog chase a bear into the swamp?
does the protagonist follow a dog into the swamp until her feet are so sore that she can barely walk?
is a 16 year old girl chased onto a roof and bitten on the leg by guard dogs?
does a girl sleep overnight in a hollow stump in the swamp?
does one of the main characters live in Powhatan Swamp?
In which book...
does a Liberation Army Dancer visit the protagonist's school?
does a character bury a letter in a cat's litter box?
are landlords the worst of the five 'black occupations?'
is a character's grandfather a landlord?
is the protagonist's father called a Rightist?
is a character's potential strictly limited due to her grandfather, whom she never met?
In which book...
does a boy make $0.75 a week for working on a ship?
does a boy make $0.35 by delivering newspapers?
is a ship named the Monitor?
is the setting during the Revolutionary War?
does a ship joke that the enemy was flinging spitballs at them when their ship leaves a battle almost unscathed?
does a character tell his sister he found a gold dollar in the snow?
does a character flip a gold coin to the protagonist and press him for information?
In which book...
does the protagonist find out that her uncle is really her father?
does a character name all of his dogs Bud?
does the protagonist's best friend say she used to cut herself to 'block out the pain?'
did a protagonist's friend participate in fashion shows?
does a character receive a box and carry it around with her a few days?
does a character spill a cherry slushy on a box she received?
In which book...
is a character the first to receive a Dog Care badge in his county?
does a character find a dollar and buy two Fudge Sickles, one for him and one for his dog?
is a character saved by his crush from a writing spider?
do characters have a berry fight using slingshots?
does a dog die while his owner is at college?
does a Coca Cola truck crash, sending bottles all over the road?
In which book...
is a land surrounded by supposedly impenetrable ice walls?
does the protagonist find a man with a broken foot at the foot of a wall?
is magic frowned upon?
is magic used by singing?
are there nine types of magic, called chantments?
does the protagonist dive into a river to follow someone, even though she can't swim?
In which book...
is a man transformed into a young kid?
do two brothers run away from their rich aunt and uncle?
does a detective win over a boy's trust by feeding pigeons?
does a character steal sugar tongs?
does the protagonist prove to be an excellent negotiator?
does the mother of the two main characters tell them Venice, Italy is a magical city?
In which book...
does the protagonist live in a community in which everyone is blind?
does the protagonist's mother's best piano student supposedly commit suicide?
does the character's best friend run away, though her father said otherwise?
does the leader of a blind community see?
does the protagonist witness someone breaking into the community's food store?
does a thief drop a box of pears, which the protagonist picks up?
does the protagonist, who is blind, gain the ability to see?
is sight viewed as corruptive?
do characters wear pins called sounders that emit unique pitches whenever they are near other sounders?
do blind characters navigate a village with the aid of markers called pathminders?
In which book...
does a main character carry around a bucket with her, which contains useful items?
are characters told to navigate a room without setting foot on certain color squares?
are television and radio used to broadcast signals that command peoples' brains?
is a stubborn, poetry writing character only 2 years old?
does a character have narcolepsy?
is a character nicknamed Sticky?
are characters given a test consisting of 50 extremely difficult questions?
is a group of four gifted children sent out to defeat the headmaster of a prodigious school?
In which book...
does a delinquent take interest in singing and theater?
is a delinquent forced to attend the Creative Academy?
does a characters life purpose change from 'painter' to 'sculptor', and eventually includes 'set designer?'
is a version of The Sound of Music held in an old barn?
does an Indian guru cook spicy meals?
does a character realize as a toddler that words actually do have power?
is everyone a main character knows passionate and artistic, except for her?

AS: In which book did a indian guri cook for everyone?
Surviving the AppleWhites ZG
AS: In which book did a city without light exist at the bottom of a giant hole?
The City of Ember ZG
AS: In which book did runaway kids live in a movie theater?

AS: In which book did kids in a gang put grease in their hair?
The Outsiders ZG

ZG: In which book...
Does a boy have to move in with social worker?
Is the main character made eighth grade president and believes he has to learn everybody's name?
Is there a popular guy named Zach Powers?
Does one of the popular kids fall in love with the main character?
Is the main character a hippie?
Does the main character play his guitar in the music room when it's empty?
Does the main character's first friend feel left out once he becomes popular?
Does the main character give a thousand dollars to a good cause when it's supposed to go to the Halloween dance?
Does the main character find a dead bird in his locker and ends up burying it and giving it a funeral?
Does the main character's grandma fall out of a tree and break her hip?
In which book...
Does a teenage boy have a deformed face because of a plane accident?
Is the main character studying bears?
Has the main character already graduated from high school and started college and he's only seventeen?
H.C In which book.. Milkweed

Does one of the characters see dead people laying in the middle of the sidewalk cover in newspaper?
Does a boy not believe that mothers exsist?