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Entrancing, exciting adventure with airships, pirates, and mysterious flying mammals takes place on an earth with the same geography as ours but different technology. Fifteen-year-old Matt works as cabin boy on the Aurora, a two-million-pound airship kept aloft by gas cells filled with hydrium, the lightest gas in the world. Matt loves the skies; aground, he feels stifled and claustrophobically ... disconnected from his late father, who was also an Aurora worker. Kate, a rich passenger Matt's age, boards the Aurora in search of furry, flying sky mammals mentioned in her late grandfather's journal but unknown to anyone else. A pirate attack forces an emergency landing on an uncharted island in the Pacificus ocean. Matt's intricate knowledge of his ship and Kate's cheerfully stubborn determination bring them, scrabbling hard, to victory over the brutal pirates and discovery of the wondrous cloud cats. Full of a sense of air, flying details, and action.

This book takes place in the 1900s to the 1930s when airships existed (they don't exist now because they couldn't lift them but in this book, they dicovered Hydrium, a light gas that is lighter than air). This is an exciting adventure about a cabin boy named Matt Cruse on an adventure with willful girl Kate de Vries. This adventure includes airships, pirates, shipwrecks, hidden pirate villiages,fear,cloud cats, and adventure. This booktakes you on a terrific journey that will leave you wanting to read the sequel, Skybreaker. This book is about Matt and Kate also, but with a different twist of events that leaves you speecheless. I advise you ot read both of these books.

By: Brittany Beltz

This is heart wrenching book that will put you on the edge of your seat. Young Matt is a cabin boy on the Aurora who wants to follow in his father's footsteps. On a cruise her meets a beatiful young woman his age named Kate. What he soon realizes is that he and Kate have something in common. A year before then Matt had saved Kate's dying grandfather from his balloon. Kate was on the cruise to see the creators her grandfather had seen in the sky. As they both dig deeper into this mystery another rises to the surface. They have been attacked and must land somewhere before they land in the ocean. They l;and on an island in the middle of no where and will soon discover its inhabitants. They must face pirates,romance, and winged creatures. The most interesting part is that they get closer to the winged cats then they thought they would. This book will leave you breathless as yoiu go farther and farther into this great adventure. As romance digs deeper I wonder will Matt and kate fall in love? Will they ever trully find and figure out what the winged creators really are?

By: McKenna Reed